StickyStratum has accumulated experience on many levels of industry, which he submitted in all his Know-How, which he is happy to serve his clients. Therefore, open your project today with us and enjoy the quality and competence of the services provided!

Each new project consists of 4 main stages, the aim of which is joint success!

The process of developing a new project is as follows:

  • Understanding your needs and carrying out initial risk analyzes of the project.
  • The work of the R & D department
  • Adaptation of assumptions to industrial conditions and initial launch of production.
  • Production and first delivery

By understanding your needs, we understand the determination of the critical path of creating a product that is included in the most frequent questions directed by us in your direction:

  • what form should the product be delivered in?
  • What are the key physical and chemical conditions of work? (UV resistance, resistance to chemicals including detergents,humidityin which the weld will work or other environmental factors).
  • What are the key mechanical factors (vibrations, shear forces, fatigue forces)?
  • are there thermal factors? (low / high temperatures)
  • What are the assumptions about the flammability of the adhesive joint?

Because every open project is different, we provide our clients with full discretion and confidentiality of information provided by our websites. We know how much in the world today is the value of technical information in the wrong hands, therefore, we respect every information entrusted to us with due respect.

Every answer and preliminary analysis of the project is completely free. If you decide to continue working with StickyStratum, all tests and work on preliminary production tests are charged with individually determined costs, which your side does not bear if you run the full project. Otherwise, we reserve the right to issue an invoice in accordance with the work carried out, but your site at any stage is informed even before taking action what will be their future financial consequences.

Our sales department remains at your disposal. We invite you to contact our sales department for a detailed discussion of the interest in our services or products.