Many years of experience in the automotive industry as well as the construction and modernization of technological lines prompted us to operate on the laminating market, coating and gluing various materials. Therefore, in response to such demand, StickyStratum offers a range of specialized services as well as a number of proprietary technical products in this field.

StickyStratum specializes in applying hot-melt adhesive coatings by means of several methods to cover a wide range of roll-up materials as well as laminating boards and all kinds of 3D materials. Our devices allow you to combine several layers of materials or boards together with the coating of a selected material, and then to protect it with appropriate anti-adhesive foils for joining elements in later technological processes. StickyStratum also has equipment for applying spray glue coatings on unusual and irregular shapes, i.e. elements of car wheel arches, car interior elements or other elements of car soundproofing.

Hot-Melt technology is one of the currently leading on the market due to its versatility of application and application. Hot-melt adhesives are characterized by high coefficients of resistance to factors such as aging, environmental and chemical factors, which are used in:

  • packaging industry
  • labeling
  • printing
  • hygienic and medical items
  • furniture industry
  • transport industry
  • automotive industry
  • food industry
  • and many other

The added value of the chosen technology is the lack of classified emissions and other environmental impacts as a result of the lack of the need for solvent substances and other derivatives. The above fact positively affects the recommendation of the use of the said technology in production plants in the EU and other countries respecting the accepted environmental protection standards.

StickyStratum also has experience in the selection of adhesives and production parameters allowing for effective implementation of the project entrusted to the customer's specification. Our experience gained on the automotive markets and implemented innovations in connection with the implementation of investment plans create in us a strong and well-established partner for cooperation.
We are customer oriented and the good of its product. All projects start with the FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis) of the project, and all this would make the implementation of your product avoid any defects at the design stage of its process. That's why your opinion and our help in meeting your needs matter so much.
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